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Hibrit Enerji Sistemleri (HES)


Solar-DG-Grid Hybrid Power system

Application conditions:
Grid electricity is easy to access, but the grid supply is instable;
Working principle 1. When the solar output power is more than the load capacity, the solar panel will provide power to the load and charge the battery at the same time;
2. When the power of the solar panel is less than the load power, the solar output reach
MPPT, then the battery will provide the rest of the power(without Grid supply) ;
3. When the grid supply power is on but the solar power is not enough, the grid supply will
take the priority to power the load and fast charge the battery.
4. When the solar power is not enough and without main power, the battery will provide all the power; 5. When the solar power is not enough, and without main power, meanwhile the battery
reach the lowest limit, then the DG starts to fast charge the battery and power the load,
until battery being fully charged then go to next circle.




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