IPC Engineering Company

About Us 

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Turkey's Power Electronics, a leading company in the industry IPC Electrical and Electronic Engineering Industry and Trade Limited Company; Since 1997, it has been operating in Istanbul in order to design, produce, sell and provide after-sales services of the Power Systems needed in our country.

In addition to this, we have installed the installation of low voltage AC / DC switchgear, UPS and various turn-key grid connected / unconnected Solar Power Plants.

By following the new technologies closely with R & D activities, our solutions specially adapted to meet the energy needs serve many domestic and international companies. Our competent service network in Turkey in the field of energy products, solutions and technical services, "7 days and 24 hours' uninterrupted offers.

IPC LTD products are manufactured in the factory; Global standards such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 are applied. IPC's Total Quality Management principles and the expectation of unconditional customer satisfaction form the basis of perfection at every moment of production. The most important part of our Quality Policy is to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction. We know that our employees are our biggest and most important source. For this reason, their knowledge and skills are continuously developed through courses and trainings.

IPC LTD will always be a reliable and accessible solution partner and will add energy to you and your business. The main target of IPC LTD, which is one of the main customers of communication sector such as Türk Telekom A.Ş., Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea, Ericsson, Huawei and ZTE, Turkey and the world, customers quickly, to provide quality and reliable solutions.




PRODUCT AND SERVICE QUALITY: Our products and the services we offer are in accordance with the country and world standards and are the primary target of all our units and employees.
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Based on the awareness that the customer definition includes both internal and external customers, it is adopted as principle in all of our units and employees to develop and produce reliable products and to provide quality service as a result of long researches in order to meet the demands and needs above expectations.

EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION: With the awareness that the real basis of customer satisfaction is bil employee satisfaction, we provide a working environment where peaceful and talent can be improved by supporting the personal and professional training of all employees.

TECHNOLOGY TRACKING: We follow all kinds of technological developments in order to keep our products and services in line with world standards and we adapt this understanding to all our units.

INFORMATION SECURITY: We take the necessary measures with the systematic approach to produce, process, share, store and protect the information, and ensure the training and awareness of our employees and our solution partners on this subject.

EDUCATION AND TEAM SPIRIT: Team spirit and education in all levels of the foreground, organizational and structural support and solidarity are operating in support.

CONTINUOUS DEVELOPMENT: By following the requirements of the new era closely, we adapt the service concept and production targets to the changing conditions and technology and continue to improve by renewing the corporate structure.


Activities affecting the environment are carried out according to current legislation and regulations. Compliance with legal regulations is fulfilled by participation of all employees. Changes in legislation, process, activity, equipment and planning of future conformity of products are followed.

Efforts are made for efficient use of resources. IPC Engineering prioritizes the efficient use of resources and energy. Our institution aims to protect natural resources with natural resources, raw materials, auxiliary materials and rational use of energy and to use these resources in the most efficient way. IPC Engineering works to reduce and recycle waste as much as possible.

Our suppliers and employees receive goods and services. Our organization is aware of the fact that environmental problems can be minimized by societies with high knowledge and awareness. For this reason, all employees are informed about raising environmental awareness. IPC Engineering also sees its partners, suppliers and customers as part of the environment and makes them aware of the environment.

 Emergency planning is made and precautions are taken in terms of occupational health and safety. Occupational Health and Safety Management is implemented in our institution in order to protect the life and facility security in case of dangers and potential risks. Hazard and potential risks are determined in advance and necessary measures are taken and accidents that may be caused are minimized. Risk points, technological development and new investments scope.