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Lithium Aküler


Lithium Technical advantages
Battery Positive with liquid ion phosphate material, use of chemical battery system as negative with carbon material; Use of aluminum-plastic composite film as packaging material for superior safe protection.
It applies technology to optimize the technology utilizing the performance of the Li-ion phosphate material, correcting the speed and high temperature performance of the Li-ion phosphate material;
Capacity Superior high temperature performance that can withstand up to 60 degrees Celsius temperature for 10 years without capacity
Rate Use of special Li-ion phosphate electrolyte to increase battery speed and high level
temperature performance;
Manufacturing Innovative technology using creative manufacturing technology and plate group lamination greatly improves production efficiency and improves production stability
Equipment Manufactured with automatic equipment



    Datasheet     48NPFC80(19 inch 5U)     48NPFC80(19 inch 3U)