IPC Engineering Company

Precision Air Conditioner


The CyberMate 6025 is a compact, high efficient air conditioner.
The design is optimized for applications with limited space available, but
where functionality and performance still cannot be compromised.
Ø 380V 3Ph-50/60Hz power input
Ø 25kW cooling capacity
Ø Configured with heater and humidifier(Optional)
Ø Wide working temperature range: -40ºC to +55 ºC

Ø High reliability
Ø High energy efficiency
Ø High adaptability
Ø Wide range of cooling capacity
Ø Various cooling system type

Ø Computer room and data center
Ø Switch room and mobile center station in telecommunication
Ø High-tech environment lab
Ø Industrial automation control room and precision manufacturing workshop
Ø Standard test room and calibration center
Ø UPS and battery room
Ø Test room in hospital
Ø Biochemical culture chamber