IPC Engineering Company

AC Air Conditioner


Ø The FX3000DOP model is a packaged air handling unit designed to
provide free air cooling to base station, it can create considerable
energy-saving economic values for operators after long-term
reliable operation.

Ø Micro-processor controlled
Ø Keypad for controller
Ø LCD operation interface with English display
Ø Indoor and outdoor temperature sensor
Ø -48VDC power supply
Ø Fully modulating 0~100%
Ø G4 filter in inlet
Ø Air Louver

Ø Long time effective working of the energy-saving system, low loss
rate of natural cold resources, and high energy-saving rate
Ø Intelligent air supply system capable of controlling the indoor
temperature of the supplied air accurately
Ø Control the output according to the indoor/outdoor temperature to
achieve the best energy-saving effects
Ø Powerful network management function
Ø BTS air conditioner co-operating function
Ø With RS485 communication port
Ø With weatherproof
Ø Easy installation and fit for different thickness machine room

Ø Telecom BTS